Zachary Seifert-Ponce received his Bachelors degree in classical guitar from Pacific Union College in California’s Napa Valley under the tutelage of San Francisco based guitarist Jon Mendle. 

In addition to classical guitar performance Zachary studied music theory, Classical music history, orchestration/arranging, and composition. Zachary graduated from Pacific Union College with Honors in 2016 and was inducted to the National Music Honor Society. 

Assisi, Italy. 2015

Since graduating Zachary has shared his talents through his performances on radio, as background music, and in concert including an invitation to perform his own composition at the Sierra-Nevada Guitar Festival in Reno. 

ZSP has continued his guitar studies outside of college with such guitarists as Andrew York, Alex Degrassi, and the flamenco guitar master Jason McGuire.

KWMR Radio. 2016

During his time at PUC, Zachary met the love of his life and favorite vocalist, Whitney Weems. After escaping the deadly wild fires that ravaged Napa and Sonoma counties in 2017, Zachary and Whitney decided that life is too short and were engaged shortly thereafter. Zachary and his wife, Whitney, now reside in Lincoln, Nebraska with their only cat, Stroodl Mingus. 

Healdsburg, Ca. 2018